Think and Grow Rich
By: Napoleon Hill

Marketing Warfare
Positioning, The battle for your mind
By: Al Ries & Jack Trout

301 Do-It-Yourself Marketing Ideas
By: Inc Magazine

Marketing Without Advertising
By: Michael Phillips & Salli Rasberry

How to Win Friends & Influence People
By: Dale Carnegie

The 7 Irrefutable rules of Small Business Growth
By: Steven Little

How to Succeed in Advertising
By: Minsky/Calvo

Tested Advertising Methods
By: John Caples

My Life in Advertising
Scientific Advertising
By: Claude C. Hopkins

Looking Good in Print
By: Roger C. Parker

Speaker’s Library of Business stories, anecdotes and humor
By: Joe Griffith

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people
By: Stephen R. Covey

Motivation Lombardi Style
By: Vince Lombardi

Trump: The art of the deal
By: Donald Trump

The 25 Sales Habits
By: Stephan Schiffman

Time Power
Focal Point
By: Brian Tracy

The Greatest Salesman in the World
By: Og Mandino

7 Steps from your Dreams to your Destiny
By: Steve Rose

The Go-Getter
By: Peter B. Kyne

Business @ the speed of thought
By: Bill Gates

Attitude is everything
By: Keith d. Harrell

Get Off Your Assets!
By: Desi Williamson

The Magic of Believing
By: Claude M. Bristol

Giant Steps
By: Anthony Robbins

The Magic of Thinking Big
By: David J. Schwarts, Ph.D.

Everyone’s a Coach
By: Don Shula & Ken Blanchard

The 7 lost secrets of success
By: Joe Vitale

What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School
By: Mark H. McCormack

Dress For Success
By: John T. Molloy

Complete Book of Model Business Letters
By: Martha W. Cresci

The Millionaire Next Door
By: Thomas Stanley Ph.D., William Danko Ph.D.

Dare to Dream and Work to Win
By: Dr Tom Barrett

You, Inc.

Read and Grow Rich
By: Burke Hedges

Attitudes are Contagious, Are yours worth catching?
By: Dennis & Wendy Mannering

Instant Cash Flow
By: Mark NolanThe Magic of Believing
By: Claude M. Bristol

The Go-Getter
By: Peter B. Kyne

The Power of your Subconscious mind
By: Dr. Joseph Murphy

Swim with the Sharks w/out being eaten alive
Beware the naked man who offers you his shirt
Dig your well before you’re thirsty
By: Harvey Mackay

You’ll see it when you believe it
By: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Being the Best
By: Denis Waitley

Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)
By: Stephan Schiffman

Take Action
By: Susan Bixler & Lisa Scherrer

How to Soar Like An Eagle in a world full of turkeys
By: Robert Stevenson

Hide Your Assets and Disappear
By: Edmund Pankau

The Invisible Bankers
By: Andrew Tobias

All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough!
Common Sense
By: Art Williams

Shattered Dreams
By: Robb Thompson

Legal problem solver
By: Reader’s Digest

Wealth without Risk
By: Charles J. Givens

How your life Insurance Policies Rob you
By: Arthur Milton

The Internet for Dummies
By: John Levine, Carol Baroudi, & Margaret Levine Young

Power Networking
By: Donna Fisher & Sandy Vilas

Schools without Failure
By: William Glasser, M.D.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (my personal favorite)
If you want to be Rich & Happy don’t go to School
Retire Young, Retire Rich
Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing
By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

The New Porfessionals
By: Charles King

Making a difference while making a living
By: David Bertrand

Big Al tells all
By: Tom Schreiter

I could have Quit $7,000,000.00 Ago
By: Dale Maloney

How to build a large successful Multi-Level
Marketing Organization
By: Don Failla

Your 1st Year in Network Marketing
Wave 3
Wave 4
By: Mark Yarnell

The greatest networker in the World (Vol 1 & 2)
By: John Milton Fogg

How to build a multi-level money machine
By: Randy Gage

17 Secets of the Master Prospectors
By: John Kalench

Guide to Gaining Personal Wealth
By: Waschka, DuBrin & Davidson

Success in PrePaid Legal
By: Paul J Meyer

Street smart network marketing
By: Robert Butwin

MLM magic
By: Venus Andrecht

What your mother couldn’t tell you & your father didn’t know
Men are from Mars, woman are from Venus
Mars and Venus in the bedroom
By: John Gray Ph.D.Fit Happens
By: Michael Pierron

I see it…but I still don’t believe it!
By: 60 minutes report

Miracle Cure
By: Jean Carper

The Green Pharmacy
By: James A. Duke, Ph.D.

Stopping the clock
By: Dr. Ronald Klatz & Dr. Robert Goldman

The Healing Power of Light
By: William Campbell Douglass, MD

Stop aging or slow the process
By: William Campbell Douglass, MD

The Pill Book
By: Thomas Stanley, Ph.D. & William Danko, Ph.D.

Comprehensive guide to Nutrition
By: WM. R. Borrmann

The One Hidden Cause of Most Modern illness…and how to defeat it
By: Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

Entering the Zone
By: Barry Sears, PH.D

An apple a day?
By: Dr Ted Morter, Jr.

Fluoride the Aging Factor
By: Dr. John Yiamouyiannis

The Safe Shoppers Bible
By: David Steinman & Sam Spstein, M.D.

Self-Care Guide
By: Healthylife

Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle
By: William Campbell Douglass, MD

Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution
By: Robert C. Atkins, M.D.

Using Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs & Homeopathy
By: Nutritional support

The suggested product helps Manual
By: Front-line Concepts

Target Your Health With NFLI
By: James D. Krystosik

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies
By: Editors of Prevention magazine

Lifesavers guide to Fluoridation
By: John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D.

It Works
By: R.H.J.

A Beginner’s Introduction to Vitamins
By: Richerd A. Passwater, Ph.D.

Nature’s RX for over 60 diseases
By: James D. Krystosik

The Ion Effect
By: Fred Soyka

The Melatonin Miracle
By: Walter Pierpaoli & William Regelson

Sharks don’t get Cancer
By: Dr. I. William Lane & Linda Comac

Vitamin Bible
By: Earl Mindell’s

Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs
By: John Heinerman

Healing Unlimited
By: Editors of Boardroom Classics

Protege Training Program
Your Marketing Genius at work

Mastermind Marketing Training Program
A no-nonsense guide to great wealth and a personal fortune

Individualized consultation transcripts
By: Jay Abraham

Tapes, VHS & Disc

The MasterMind Marketing System (VCR)
By: Jay AbrahamMonopolize your marketplace
By: Richard Harshaw & Edward EarlePersonal Time Management

Advanced Selling In Action
Getting Rich in America
The Luck Factor
Thinking Big
The Psychology of Selling
Advanced Selling Techniques
The Psychology of Success
24 Techniques for Closing the Sale (VCR)
The Effective Manager Seminars (VCR)
– Marketing Strategy for Fast Growth
– Superior Sales Management
By: Brian Tracy

The Science of Personal Achievement
The Master Key to Success
By: Napoleon Hill

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
By: Al Ries & Jack Trout

Selling to VETO (Very important top officer)
By: Anthony Parinello

Secrets of Closing the Sale
Sell your way to the Top
By: Zig Ziglar’s

Lead the Field
The New Lead the Field
World’s Strangest Secret
By: Earl Nightingale

The Power of goals & how the brain works
By: Chet Holmes

The Pursuit of Wow!
By: Tom Peters

By: Anthony Robbins’

Attitude (VCR)
By: Keith Harrell

The Road Ahead
By: Bill Gates

Great minds of Business
By: Forbes magazine

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people
By: Steven R. Covey

The Power of Positive thinking
By: Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

The Secret of Power Negotiating
By: Roger Dawson

The Science of Self Discipline
By: Kerry L. JohnsonMega Speed Reading
By: Howard Stephen & Kevin Trudeau

Mega Memory
By: Kevin TrudeauFurther Along the Road less traveled
By: M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Unlimited Power
Unleash the Power Within
By: Anthony Robbins

The Internet (VCR)
Public Speaking (VCR)
By: No Brainers

How to Work Leads Over The Phone
By: Peter Mingils

By: Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, Ken Blanchard, Denis Waitley, Og Mandino

First Home or Investment Property with No Down Payment
By: The PEI

The Importance of Keeping The Body Akaline
By: Tom Morter

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
By: John Gary, Ph.D.

Let your food be you Medicine
By: Dr. James Krystosik

Life Changing Products from Nutrition for life
By: Dr. Alex Duarte

Why Take Nutritional Supplements
By: Glen A. Halvorson, M.D.

You don’t have to be sick to get better
Looking Good & Feeling Fine-Naturally!
By: Dr. Michael Brown

Mastering The Zone
By: Barry Sears, PH.D.

The Joy of Meditating
By: Salle Merrill Redfield

Natural Remedies
By: Brigitte Mars

Abundant Health Begins w/the Basics
By: Angela Gustafsson

Ageless body, Timeless Mind
The Higher Self
By: Deepak Chopra, M.D.

8 weeks to Optimum Health
By: Andrew Weil, M.D.

Jay Abraham discusses his 21 power principles
By: Brian O’Sullivan

Academy of Master Closing
Low profile selling
By: Tom Hopkins

Mastermind Marketing Program
Your Secret Wealth
Getting Business to come to you
By: Paul & Sarah Edward

It’s all within your reach
By: Mike Wickett

How to market your professional expertise
By: Nido Qubein

Multiple streams of income
By: Robert Allen

The Money Tree (VCR)
Home study on commodities
By: Larry Williams

Conversations with God
By: Neale Donald Walsch

The New Dynamics of Goal Setting
By: Denis Waitley

Rich Dad Secrets…
By: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Empower Mind for Teens
By: Kimberly Kassner

Take Charge of your Life
By: Jim Rohn

System of Duplication
By: Chris McGarahan

Self Motivation for winners
By; Paul J Meyer

The power of Visualization
By: Lee Pulos, Ph.D.

Mastery of Money
By: Brian Klemmer

Encounter! With Jay Abraham
By: Fran Tarkenton

Jay Abraham’s Business Optimization
with Tony Robbins

My life in marketing, Jay relives 25 years of what worked & what didn’t

Mastermind Marketing Training

How I became a Marketing Genius (VCR)

Making the money connection

Jay Abraham discusses his 21 power principles

Jay Abraham presents:
Business war room
Aussie Boot Camp
By: Jay Abraham