Wondering why your not as successful as your competition? Maybe you are making some of these top 10 mistakes that businesses make…

1. Not having and using a Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
Plummer “A flush beats a full house” Time Warner “Now anything’s possible”

2. Not testing your marketing and advertising.
Coupons – tracking systems

3. Using the wrong kind of advertising. What is your target market?
When telling them using benefits not features. Use hot buttons.
Anti-lock breaks-is a feature, the benefit is the safety of your family.

4. Not having a follow-up/ second sales item.
Dessert at restaurant, or Advertising and Marketing.

5. Failing to find out and fill your customers needs. What are their hot buttons?
Use surveys, ask them questions

6. Not telling (Educating) your customers the reasons why your doing what your doing. Remember, price doesn’t matter if you bring value to the market place.
Donut Connection (dough -frozen vs. fresh)
Quality Auto (Quaker state vs. generic)
Cleaning Services (how the bid is low then is a couple month they raise price)

7. Not finding faster and easier ways for customers to do business with you.
Track sales and keep points on your computer, order on-line

8. Not sticking with marketing and advertising that is still working.
Owners get bored and do other things

9. Not doing advertising more than once. Trying something once then go to the next media.
Research to find your target market and then attack. They must see you more than once.

10. Not knowing what a customer is worth to you.
One time sale, yearly and lifetime sales. Companies fail to know what to spend to get in a new customer.